Eurotek offers a complete range of reclamation systems to suit all foundry applications, this includes:


TROJAN Compact Reclamation

Trojan Compact ReclaimerThe TROJAN compact range of reclamation systems have been designed for those applications where space is an issue.  The units are designed to be shipped on a common steelwork to minimise installation time, features include:

  • Robust Construction.
  • Full assembled for ease of installation.
  • Minimal floor space requirement.
  • Simple foundations (if any).
  • Integral classifier.
  • Economic pneumatic conveying.
  • Integral control panel with sequential starting.
  • Low maintenance
  • Low level loading.

TROJAN VD Low Level Reclamation

Trojan VD Low Level ReclamationThe TROJAN VD range features a unique vertical vibratory elevator, which eliminates the need for expensive pit work where a low level shakeout facility is required.  In addition, the floor space required for the plant installation is minimised.  Used in conjunction with our range of TITAN cooler / classifiers and PULSOR pnuematic conveyors, a robust compact sand reclamation system is achieved, features include:

  • Robust construction.
  • Efficient "tramp" metal removal.
  • Floor mounted - no pits.
  • Modular construction for simplified layout.
  • Independent vibration for shake out and elevation - eliminates throughput problems.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Compact Layout - minimises floor requirement.
  • Easily replaceable screens.
  • Comprehensive control system.

TROJAN ED High Level Reclamation

Trojan ED High Level ReclamationThe TROJAN ED range of vibratory attrition units are designed for those applications where some form of mechanical loading is available (shakeout decks can also be fitted for moderate loading).  Used in conjunction with our TITAN cooler / classifiers and PULSOR pneumatic conveyors, a robust compact sand reclamation is achieved, features include:

  • Robust construction.
  • Efficient "tramp" metal removal.
  • Elevated discharge to minimise pitwork.
  • Integral classification if required.
  • Good holding capacity.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Replaceable liner plates.
  • Easily replaceable screens.

Hot Pot Thermal Reclamation

The range of gas fired thermal sand reclamation units are designed to provide the foundry man with a compact system to operate at maximum economy.  The heat recuperation system and the PLC control provide a reliable and cost effective operation that will process most types of chemically bonded sand.  Four models are available with throughputs ranging from 250 - 2400 KG per hour, features include:

  • Screw feeder with variable speed drive.
  • Vibrating screen to remove oversize materials.
  • Furnace unit, fully insulated, with nozzle mix burners and all gas control valves.
  • High pressure fan for combustion air.
  • Fluidising fan for furnace, primary heat exchanger and cooler classifier.
  • Fluid bed cooler classifier to cool reclaimed sand and remove unwanted fines.
  • Water cooling system with evaporate cooling tower, circulating pump, valves and pipework.
  • Dust collection system with ducting, control valves, high temp filter unit, fan and exhaust stack.
  • Control panel with PLC for fully automatic 24 hour/day operation.

TITAN Cooler Classifiers

Titan Cooler ClassifiersThe TITAN range of cooler classifiers have been designed specifically to meet the exacting demands of the foundry environment.  Reliability and simplicity of operation ensure trouble free performance in all applications.  Features include:

  • Non clogging sparge fluidising pipes, an advantage when operating in a dusty environment.
  • Consistent outlet temperature in relation to the inlet water temperature.
  • Integral inlet hopper for trapping agglomerates, metal flash and tramp, in the event of screen failures.
  • Sand cooling and heating can be arranged in one unit to enable consistent sand temperature all year round.
  • Total access for maintenance.
  • Cooling of silica sand from 300 °C to within 10 °C of inlet water temperature.
  • Total utilisation of cooling pipe surface area by means of a baffle and weir system.
  • High level probe prior to sand discharge to prevent cooler classifier from being overfilled.
  • Air damper controls to maintain correct fluidisation.
  • Dust extraction take off point fitted.


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