In addition to a full range of sand mixers and reclamation systems, Eurotek also offers a complementary range of handling equipment.  This range includes:


Rotary Moulding Units

Rotary Moulding UnitThe RMU range of rotary moulding units are designed to assist the handling of moulding boxes by powering the transfer of filled boxes from the mixer/compaction table to the manual strip station.


Manufactured in a range of sizes to accept moulding boxes from 600 x 600mm x 150KG in weight up to 2500 x 2500mm x 3000KG, the rotary moudling unit can be provided with 4, 6 or 8 stations to suit the required production rate and foundry layout.


On the smaller units pneumatic powered tilting roller tracks are provided at the fill and strip unload stations to feed the moulding boxes from the rotary moulding unit.  Larger RMUs have hydraulic cyclinders to push/pull steel bolster plates on and off the unit.


Empty mould boxes are then automatically returned to the filling station.


ManipulatorThe mould manipulator range is designed for simplicity and ease of use and is available in a range of capacities.  The units are manufactured with an option of power sources (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic) to suit the application and installation requirements.

THOR Compaction Units

Thor Compaction TableA wide range of compaction units are available to suit all length and width requirements.  Features include:

  • Two motors arranged to contra-rotate and produce a vertical linear motion.
  • Option AC Inverter control to provide infinitely variable vibration settings.
  • Design of compaction table frame allows compaction of oversize moulds.
  • The rollers forming the track remain static and are free from vibration.
  • Inflatable rubber bellows raise or lower the mould / core box.
  • Automatic operation controlled by pneumatic foot switch.

PULSOR Pneumatic Vessels

Pulsor Pneumatic VesselSeveral sizes of PULSOR pneumatic vessels are available to suit all applications.  Features include:

  • Fully certified with pressure test certificate.
  • Over pressure safety valve.
  • Rotary paddle probe for high level.
  • Fluidising nozzle.
  • Automatic exhaust via air valve arrangement.
  • Complete with control panel and receiving probe.
  • Removable bottom flange for inspection.
  • Butterfly or knife gate on infill pipe (dependent on application).
  • Can be used as a standalone unit or incorporated to be used with our range of TITAN coolers.
  • Optional multiple inlet box for a variation of sands.


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