Furan Resins & Catalysts

Permaset, Permacol, Permacat - Resins from 0-12% N2.


Urethane Binders

Permacure CB for coremaking (gas cured).

Permacure AS for moulding (airset).


Air-Set Binders

Permacure AS


Alkaline Phenolic

Permabind - Airset & gas cured systems.


Sodium Silicate

Permasil Binders for C02 and Ester hardening.



Permabox systems


Release Agents

Striptek & Trigel ranges for chemically bonded or Greensand systems.



Coretek glues & putties


Insulating Sleeves

Isovac 1000 insulating sleeves (25 - 200mm)



Striptek D.100 - New product.



Ceramic foam filters for Aluminium, Iron and Steel