A variety of release agents for a wide range of applications are available. Formulations suitable for hot-box, cold setting and greensand systems are available in our Striptek range.


Trigel HD and LD

The aluminium based Trigel products compliment the range for use both on moulding boxes and mixer blades.

Developed as part of our continued support to our customers, Eurotek offer a variety of release agents, for a wide range of applications.

Greensand Applications - Striptek 75

The latest in a series of product development to offer improved environmental characteristics. Striptek 75 offers excellent pattern strip, whilst avoiding the high odour levels normally associated with traditional Greensand release agents.

Hot Applications - Striptek 35

This conventional water based silicone emulsion is ideal for hot curing applications, Hot box, Warm box Shell system.

Cold Applications

Here their is a wide range of release agents to choose from including Striptek 50, Trigel (HD) & Trigel (LD). Thus offering the Foundry a high quality release agent for any application.


Striptek 50


A wax based release in a flammable solvent. Striptek 50 gives excellent definition on fine detail and intricate patterns.


Striptek Metal Cleaner


A special non-flammable solvent for cleaning most urethane cold-box tooling and equipment.


Parting Powder




In lower volume gas cured core making applications aerosols can often give advantages in ease of application. Eurotek offers two such products available in packs of 12 x 500 ml cans:


Silicone Spray - a conventional silicone release in a flammable solvent

Dry Lube - a graphite based product giving excellent slip.  Also in a flammable solvent carrier.

SG-1018 S - a specially designed product giving high levels of slip on all cold setting systems. Ideal for use in all “cold-box” core production applications. Also in a flammable solvent carrier.



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