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The Permaset range of cold setting binders is based on well proven Furan technology and available in all the popular grades. Urea formaldehyde modified resins in a range of nitrogen contents from 0.0 - 10.0% or phenolic Furans utilising our phenol formaldehyde co-polymer expertise. In addition special phenol and nitrogen free resins or high reactive grades available in our Permacol range.

  • Range of nitrogen and water contents available
  • Easy adaptability
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Low sand to metal ratio due to high strength
  • Unbeatable shake-out
  • Ease of reclamation - up to 95% even on low cost plant
  • Good binder stability


Most resins are suitable for use on both new and reclaimed sand ildeally at additions of 0.65 - 1.2%. Due to the range of nitrogen contants available, the resin can be chosen, which gives the most metallurgically and economically acceptable system.

Catalyst choice is important because it can significantly affect binder performance. Strip times are controlled by type, concentration and amount of catalyst used. Addition rates can vary between 25 - 75% based on resin weight, but optimum levels for both environment and performance are 25 - 50%. Strip times from 1 minute to more than 120 minutes are achievable by proper catalyst selection and application.


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