For many years Furane No Bake has been the most popular chemically bonded system for producing high quality cores & moulds due to its flexibility as a sand system. The downside to some degree has been the liberation of Sulphur Dioxide ( SO2 ) on casting.

To this end Eurotek have continually looked to reduce SO2 emissions within the Foundry to ensure not only the best working conditions for Foundry operatives, but also to meet new environmental legislation.

As part of Eurotek's commitment to product development a new range of products ( Aironaut ) have been developed which offer removal of SO2 on casting. This incorporates specifically designed chemicals targeted to destroy SO2 in the atmosphere, in conjunction with a patented rotary atomiser delivery system.

Aironaut / Benefits


  • Rapid removal of S02 from the casting area
  • Use of non hazardous reagents
  • Robust, low maintenance plant
  • Simple to install & operate
  • Low operating costs
  • Ability to fully link to full S02 monitoring apparatus
  • Portable units available if required



  • Aironaut reagent is delivered as fine mist via the rotary atomiser
  • The unique droplet formation technology ensures consistent surface area of droplet to assist chemical reaction
  • The Aironaut product captures the gas within the droplet and changes its chemical nature & removes the odour
  • A range of Aironaut products are available depending on S02 concentrations in the Foundry.


Rotary Atomisers

The Rotary atomiser utilises a totally different technique from mainstream suppression systems, which typically rely simply on spraying water through a nozzle. Instead it produces a spray which covers a remarkable 30 linear metres by using a spinning head to produce millions of microscopic droplets of water.

This novel concept coupled with the Aironaut Product offers control of odour and dust within the Foundry casting & knockout areas.

Three types of Rotary Atomiser are available:


  1. Statics Atomiser (S1) for specific area to be treated on regular basis
  2. Oscillating Atomiser (O1) again permanently fixed but offering coverage of two adjacent casting area depending on sizes of the area
  3. Portable Unit (P1) can be offered for moving around the Foundry

Unique Droplet Formation

Rotary Atomiser offers uniform droplets unlike conventional nozzle systems reducing wastage of chemicals & energy, thus giving lower running costs.